How High Can You Climb?

Official Rules


A. Participation is limited to members of The Sideline.  Guest are welcome to participate but are not eligible to win prizes or be an official winner.

B. All participants must abide by policies and procedures of The Sideline.

C. Prizes will be awarded to the highest male and female climber.


A. Competitors must get a Sideline representative to oversee participation.

B. Climb as high as possible in 10 minutes.

C. For safety purposes participants must hold onto handlebars.

D. Timer will stop at the 10-minute mark and distance will be recorded.

E. There will be a male and female division.


A. All participants will receive a free smoothie.

B. Overall male and female winners will receive a gift card valued at $120 (can be used toward memberships, personal training sessions, smoothies and merchandise).